Quinteto Latino proudly presents a free virtual Quinteto Latino Seminario Webinar on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, from 10:00-11:00am PT.
Free Admission. To secure tickets, please click on the ticket link and book via Eventbrite.
The Webinar will feature a comprehensive presentation focusing on the diversity of the United States Latinx identity and highlight tools and methods that the orchestras and chamber ensembles can use to better serve Latinx classical musicians, composers and audience members across the country.
Armando Castellano, Founder of Quinteto Latino, will moderate a diverse panel of Latinx musicians from their Seminario QLXS 2020 cohort: Julian Hernandez, Chaz Salazar, and Francsisca Wright.
“When the general public thinks of classical music, images of men in tuxedos or composers in powdered wigs come to mind,” said Margaret M. Lioi, CEO of Chamber Music America. “The Seminario and follow-on webinar that Quinteto Latino has organized aims at shattering that misconception and increasing awareness of the rich heritage, the immense repertoire, the incredible talent, and the depth of diversity within the Latinx community.”
The Webinar will serve as a call to action for the classical music field and as the first event of its kind, provide attendees with tools to create a dialogue that addresses the Latinx experience in classical music: race equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Who should attend this event? We invite presenters, executive directors, orchestras, conservatories, musicians, composers, funders, advocates, and other community stakeholders at large in the field.
“Quinteto Latino is among a small number of organizations nationwide that have been leading by example at the nexus of diversity, performance, and arts education. QL meets this moment with the credibility that comes with fifteen years worth of diverse Latin American programming for audiences across the United States…This webinar series is an opportunity to build authentic solidarity vital to shaping an arts ecosystem that is reflective of our society’s artistic potential,” said Karen Cueva, Director for Learning and Engagement Programs at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute
Quinteto Latino is a San Francisco Bay Area wind quintet with a mission to build community through Latino Classical Music: performance and advocacy. Founded in 2004 by horn player Armando Castellano, this unique ensemble aims to expand the boundaries of a classical music tradition, commonly perceived as predominantly Euro-American, by performing works exclusively by Latino composers. In venues traditional and nontraditional, Quinteto Latino makes this music available, relevant, and inspiring to audiences across cultural, class, and ethnic lines. In addition, Quinteto Latino advocates on behalf of Latino composers and classical musicians through mentoring, commissioning, hiring, and being a voice, both regionally and nationally, for issues around diversity and classical music.


On August 27-28, Quinteto Latino is going virtual with Seminario (QLXS), our biennial conference of Latinx musicians from around the United States, exploring the intersections of identity & artistry! #QLXS2020

Performances are free and open to the public. Register in advance via Zoom.
Quinteto Latino Recital
Thursday, August 27th, 2020 | 9:30-9:45am (PT)
Excerpt from upcoming Mitos Project commission, Gabriela Lena Frank (2020)
Diane Grubbe, flute
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Leslie Tagorda, clarinet
Shawn Jones, bassoon
Armando Castellano, horn
Highways, for solo glissando flute, Andrew M. Rodriguez (2015)
Diane Grubbe, flute
Recital I: Featuring QLXS 2020 Committee Members
Thursday, August 27th, 2020 | 1:00-1:45pm (PT)
A propósito del huayno, Sadiel Cuentes (2019)
Kika Wright, bassoon
The Hibiee-Jibiees, Marco Granados (2018)
Chaz Salazar, flute
Paysage Frontière (World Premiere), Victor Ibarra (2020)
Vince Dominguez, clarinet
Recital II: Featuring QLXS 2020 Committee Members
Friday, August 28th, 2020 | 9:00-9:30am (PT)
Metamorphosis (World Premiere), Arturo Rodriguez (2020)
Introduction; Birth
Arturo Rodriguez, flute
Fuego En El Bosque, Samuel Robles (1996)
Crystal Medina, clarinet
Recital III: Featuring QLXS 2020 Committee Members
Friday, August 28th, 2020 | 11:30-12:00pm (PT)
Marinera Limeña No. 3, Alvaro Zúñiga Ronca (2018)
Alex Rosales Garcia, bassoon
Sinfonia BWV 21, J.S. Bach (1714)
Evan Sanchez, oboe

We welcome you to attend our four virtual concerts of Latinx classical repertoire, featuring QLXS planning committee members. They serve as rising stars in classical music and QL stakeholders!