Quinteto Latino’s 2020/21

U.S. Latino Agenda For Classical Music

In August 2020, Quinteto Latino brought twenty professional Latino classical musicians from the United States together in a two-day Seminario conference.

Through conversations, discussions, workshops, and recitals, we shared experiences and examined how the classical music field can better find, hire, retain, serve, and represent Latino musicians, Latino staff, Latino board members, and Latino audiences across the country.

In October 2020, Quinteto Latino hosted a national webinar to share our findings and present the groundbreaking first-ever U.S. Latino Agenda for Classical Music: 

Latino Identity

  • Latinos are diverse, multicultural, and multigenerational

  • We are not a monolithic culture

  • Latino musicians and composers make art music

Latino Actions for the Field

  • Develop holistic assessments of potential players beyond traditional auditions. End musical segregation and gatekeeping
  • Grow true diversity by supporting professional musicians of all ages, regardless of their age when they began formal study of their instrument

Latino Arts Education Equity

  • Fund pathways to invest in creating equitable opportunities for underrepresented students, especially at the entry point of youth into music
  • Ensure every student in low socioeconomic schools has access to high-caliber music education
  • Advocate for music and the arts to be part of the core K-12 curriculum 

Latino Leadership

  • Let Latinos lead: listen to their ideas, voices, and opinions
  • Entrust Latinos at all levels of your organization: board, executive staff, program officers and musicians
  • Listen with an open heart and open mind in order to create authentic spaces for a new collective U.S. classical music identity


Download the 2020/21 Quinteto Latino Agenda for Classical Music below: